Strengthening Grantham Project

Strengthening Grantham Project Awarded 2013 IPWEA/Engineers Australia Public Works Medal Winner of the 2012 Engineers Australia Qld Award for Engineering Leadership Winner of the 2012 IPWEAQ Excellence Award – Projects over $10M GenEng Solutions provided Site Management and Construction Management & Supervision of the “Strengthening Grantham Project” on behalf of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council. This $19 million project involved the construction 121 new lots for the flood impacted residents of the Lockyer Valley over 2 stages.  Stage 1 was officially opened on 10th December 2011 by Premier Anna Bligh and met the goal of a having the first of the flood affect residents relocated to the Estate by Christmas 2011, prior to the first anniversary of the flood. All project objectives of Stage 1 were met, being: To have the first of the flood affected families living in a house on the estate by Christmas 2011 through delivery of a tight 18 week construction program, Interaction with and support of the land owners, and Maximise local input in terms of suppliers, contractors and Council workforce. The focus of stage 2 shifted to cost control, and the whole of the project was delivered inside the $19.1M budget. Stage 1 was a very high profile project which attracted much media attention and large numbers of visitors to the site.  Beyond the traditional project management, a significant focus was to ensure these visitors were able to access the site safely and without impeding work.  Very large numbers of site visitors were required to access the site, mostly during working hours, requiring special attention from a safety perspective. The successful delivery of the project on time was achieved through the ability to successfully co-ordinate a large volume of different activities [...]