Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration Program Management, NDRRA Works GenEng Solutions is currently undertaking Program Management of restoration and betterment works on behalf of both Southern Downs Regional Council ($14M value) and Lockyer Valley Regional Council ($1.4M) following damage caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.  Both programs have restoration undertaken by both day labour and external contract. Additionally, our Asset Engineer sits within the team delivering works on behalf of Scenic Rim Regional Council. Day labour co-ordination, NDRRA works GenEng Solutions co-ordinated the delivery of day labour works for flood reconstruction on behalf of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council for both the 2011 and 2013 event.  The co-ordination role included programming and delivery of the works, as well as costing and financial management and involved a team of GenEng staff members. The day labour activities had a value of approximately $20M per year. Contract Management, NDRRA works GenEng Solutions provided Project Management assistance to Western Downs Regional Council with the delivery of NDRRA works associated with the 2013 flood event via external contract. TNRP Works Supervision GenEng Solutions has undertaken contract management on behalf of the Queensland Government for flood restoration works in South West Queensland under TNRP, including planning for and supervision of road reconstruction projects.  The total value of the program is $950M. GenEng Solutions has been directly responsible for the supervision of $70M in works involving pavement repairs and reconstruction, culvert repairs and replacement and repairs of bridges. 2013 Australia Day Flood Event – Emergent period GenEng Solutions provided co-ordination of emergent works undertaken by the day labour workforce of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council following the January 2013 flood events to May 2013, as well as financial support for costing during the [...]