Energy Sector

Energy Sector Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project Site inspection and certification of works were undertaken for the civil engineering component of the CS Energy renewal energy project at Kogan Creek Power Station.  The $114M Solar Boost project is being delivered under a design and construct contract by GenEng Solutions’ client, Areva. The project has included approximately 2,000 bored piers constructed to support 30 hectares of Solar Steam Generators and steam pipework, significant drainage structures, approximately 8 km of roads and 200,000m³ of earthworks.  GenEng staff established inspection and recording processes to confirm works were done in accordance with the plans, prepared plans for drainage and road components omitted in the original design and investigated cost saving measures such as redesign of footing depth in high strength rock areas on site that were not previously identified and considered in the original design. Challenges included 30,000m³ of rock impacting earthworks and pier construction processes and coordination of civil works with major Mechanical and Electrical contract works being undertaken concurrently.