Consultancy The Avenues of Highfields GenEng Solutions is the civil engineering consultant for the The Avenues of Highfields development. This Master Planned community will feature cleverly designed quality homes situated within the beautiful township of Highfields.  The first 2 stages of this 534 lot development are now open, as well as the feature park, Sandy Brennan Park. Our services include general engineering consultancy, liaison with local and state government departments, preliminary earthworks and stormwater design, detailed design of an intersection upgrade with the New England Highway, detailed design of external services and civil works for all stages, co-ordination of other consultancies and contract administration. Interlink SQ – Charlton Intermodal Facility, Freight Terminals GenEng Solutions provides ongoing project consultancy for Interlink SQ.  The project proposes a major transport facility and has an estimated initial infrastructure cost of $110M, involving up to 3klms of rail frontage catering for both narrow gauge and the future standard gauge inland rail project.  It is seen as a significant intermodal facility for South East Queensland and GenEng Solutions team members form a part of the project management team for the project, ensuring that consultancies are scoped and delivered within the requirements of the project proponent, Freight Terminals. Department of Transport & Main Roads GenEng is currently providing consultancy services to the Department of Transport & Main Roads through project management of D&O (Operations) for the Darling Downs South West Region. Memberambi Historical Subdivision, South Burnett Regional Council The Memerambi Historical subdivision is an historic one formed in the order of a century ago.   GenEng Solutions has provided independent assessment of a stormwater management plan proposed by the Developer, provided oversight and review of the development of an alternative [...]

Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration Program Management, NDRRA Works GenEng Solutions is currently undertaking Program Management of restoration and betterment works on behalf of both Southern Downs Regional Council ($14M value) and Lockyer Valley Regional Council ($1.4M) following damage caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.  Both programs have restoration undertaken by both day labour and external contract. Additionally, our Asset Engineer sits within the team delivering works on behalf of Scenic Rim Regional Council. Day labour co-ordination, NDRRA works GenEng Solutions co-ordinated the delivery of day labour works for flood reconstruction on behalf of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council for both the 2011 and 2013 event.  The co-ordination role included programming and delivery of the works, as well as costing and financial management and involved a team of GenEng staff members. The day labour activities had a value of approximately $20M per year. Contract Management, NDRRA works GenEng Solutions provided Project Management assistance to Western Downs Regional Council with the delivery of NDRRA works associated with the 2013 flood event via external contract. TNRP Works Supervision GenEng Solutions has undertaken contract management on behalf of the Queensland Government for flood restoration works in South West Queensland under TNRP, including planning for and supervision of road reconstruction projects.  The total value of the program is $950M. GenEng Solutions has been directly responsible for the supervision of $70M in works involving pavement repairs and reconstruction, culvert repairs and replacement and repairs of bridges. 2013 Australia Day Flood Event – Emergent period GenEng Solutions provided co-ordination of emergent works undertaken by the day labour workforce of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council following the January 2013 flood events to May 2013, as well as financial support for costing during the [...]

Energy Sector

Energy Sector Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project Site inspection and certification of works were undertaken for the civil engineering component of the CS Energy renewal energy project at Kogan Creek Power Station.  The $114M Solar Boost project is being delivered under a design and construct contract by GenEng Solutions’ client, Areva. The project has included approximately 2,000 bored piers constructed to support 30 hectares of Solar Steam Generators and steam pipework, significant drainage structures, approximately 8 km of roads and 200,000m³ of earthworks.  GenEng staff established inspection and recording processes to confirm works were done in accordance with the plans, prepared plans for drainage and road components omitted in the original design and investigated cost saving measures such as redesign of footing depth in high strength rock areas on site that were not previously identified and considered in the original design. Challenges included 30,000m³ of rock impacting earthworks and pier construction processes and coordination of civil works with major Mechanical and Electrical contract works being undertaken concurrently.    

Project Management

Project Management Project management forms a part of many of the services delivered by GenEng Solutions.  The following projects particularly have had a project management focus: Warrego Highway Upgrade Projects GenEng is currently providing Contract Administration services for the $85M Dalby Access upgrades to the Warrgeo Highway on behalf of the Department of Transport & Main Roads. Lockyer Valley Aquatic Centre GenEng Solutions acted as Superintendent and provided project management for the Lockyer Valley Aquatic Centre.  This $12M project involved the delivery of a 50m pool to Olympic standards, a learn to swim pool, club house and refurbishment of the existing adjacent Gatton Sports Centre.  The project was completed in December 2014. Subdivision Works GenEng has acted as Superintendent and provided contract management for several subdivisions, ranging from 30+ lots for each state of The Avenues of Highfields, and several smaller lot subdivisions. Warrego Highway Drillham to Dullaca pavement rehabilitation GenEng Solutions provided the construction project management of the Warrego Highway Drillham to Dullaca pavement rehabilitation contract.  This contract involved in the order of 100,000m² of insitu stabilisation and was delivered over a period of 9 months for a value of $8.1M.  The project coincided with rapidly increasing road traffic in that section of the Warrego Highway, particularly with heavy transport associated with the resource sector activity in Western Queensland. Construction of staff carpark, Highfields Village Shopping Centre GenEng Solutions managed the construction of a staff carpark at the Highfields Village Shopping Centre, including the tender process, contract documentation, construction supervision and certification.

Local Government Works

Local Government Works Development Assessment GenEng is currently providing Development Engineering support to Lockyer Valley Regional Council, and has previously filled the role of Development Assessment Engineer on behalf of both Southern Downs Regional Council and Western Downs Regional Council. Capital Projects Delivery In addition to extensive flood restoration delivery cross several local governments, GenEng Solutions has provided support to both the Western Downs Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Regional Council in the delivery of capital works. Asset Management Our team has expertise in Asset Management and provided services to Cassowary Coast Regional Council for capitalisation of assets associated with extensive NDRRA works and Council capital works since 2013/14. Services were provided to Lockyer Valley Regional Council to develop a methodology and systems for a 10 year reseal program, including training of staff in the visual inspection of assets. Asset Accounting services have been provided to Central Highlands Regional Council since 2016. Consultancy With staff members having a strong background in local government, GenEng Solutions provides a high level of consultancy services to a number of local governments across a range of areas, both engineering and financial, and have included: Traffic Management Planning, Scenic Rim Regional Council Engineering support, Paroo Shire Council Funding application writing for several local governments

Strengthening Grantham Project

Strengthening Grantham Project Awarded 2013 IPWEA/Engineers Australia Public Works Medal Winner of the 2012 Engineers Australia Qld Award for Engineering Leadership Winner of the 2012 IPWEAQ Excellence Award – Projects over $10M GenEng Solutions provided Site Management and Construction Management & Supervision of the “Strengthening Grantham Project” on behalf of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council. This $19 million project involved the construction 121 new lots for the flood impacted residents of the Lockyer Valley over 2 stages.  Stage 1 was officially opened on 10th December 2011 by Premier Anna Bligh and met the goal of a having the first of the flood affect residents relocated to the Estate by Christmas 2011, prior to the first anniversary of the flood. All project objectives of Stage 1 were met, being: To have the first of the flood affected families living in a house on the estate by Christmas 2011 through delivery of a tight 18 week construction program, Interaction with and support of the land owners, and Maximise local input in terms of suppliers, contractors and Council workforce. The focus of stage 2 shifted to cost control, and the whole of the project was delivered inside the $19.1M budget. Stage 1 was a very high profile project which attracted much media attention and large numbers of visitors to the site.  Beyond the traditional project management, a significant focus was to ensure these visitors were able to access the site safely and without impeding work.  Very large numbers of site visitors were required to access the site, mostly during working hours, requiring special attention from a safety perspective. The successful delivery of the project on time was achieved through the ability to successfully co-ordinate a large volume of different activities [...]